A Tribute to Kingston

Published: April 21, 2015

Kingston          Kingston

In July 2008, my life forever changed. I went to a BREW adoption event in Alexandria and met Kingston, a beagle of approximately 8-10 years old. Kingston immediately caught my attention and he affectionately stayed by my side as if we had been together for years. Before I knew it I was quickly signing adoption papers and I couldn't wait to have him home with me. At the time, I thought I was the one being the hero to rescue a dog. But little did I know that Kingston was really the one who rescued me.

Kingston and Mom

Kingston and Mom

Kingston quickly became the love of my life. He was my buddy, my protector, my companion, my hero. Life was better because he was here. Whatever life threw my way, I knew I could handle it because Kingston was by my side to comfort me and to love me.  And I would do anything in return for him. There are a million stories I could tell about Kingston. He brought me such happiness each and every day.

I lost Kingston in March 2015 after 6 ½ years of being together. He was approximately 14-16 years old. Even though he lived a good long life, it wasn’t enough. Time went by much too quickly. I miss him so much and I am heartbroken, but I know I am a better person because of him and I am so very grateful for our time together. I look forward to seeing him at the Rainbow Bridge, and until then he will forever be in my heart.  I love you Kingston!

-Jennifer Rand

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  1. Kingston was a very special boy. I liked to call him Sir Kingston, and am grateful to have spent so much time with him as his dog walker. I miss watching him poke his curious nose around on our walks, and roll over for belly rubs after getting his treats- always a bright spot in my day. He was a true pal and food enthusiast. And he was very lucky to have the best mom a beagle could ever dream of. He will always have a special place in my heart.

  2. My hurts for you ever since I learned of Kingston’s going home. I know of the joy and warmth that was/is quite obvious every time you spoke/speak of your baby.

  3. Kingston was truly a kind and gentle soul. I’ll never forget how he always peeked out the back door to see what my crew was up to and how he made sure to always stop by to say hi to me when out for a stroll with his dogwalker. I’ll miss slipping him an extra treat when working at his home.
    Rest in peace little buddy.

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