A Tribute to Florally

Published: September 6, 2015

We lost Florally, also known as “Flo” and “Miss Flo,” on August 20, 2015.  Flo June 2012She’d been diagnosed with Lymphoma seven months before that, so we knew it was just a matter of time, but it was still difficult.

Even by Beagle standards, Flo had so much personality, and so much joy.  I’ll always remember how she would paw my forehead if I did not get up right away when she wanted to go out.  When she would ask us to share what we were eating, there was an insistence in her face that no other dog I’ve ever seen had.

She was the smallest of our four BREW Beagles, but she knew how to keep the other three away from her supper dish and away from the couch where she lay with just a growl.  She feared no other dog, no matter how big.  Pam called her “The Warrior Princess.”

Everywhere we went, everyone who saw her said she was “so cute.”  When we took her to the park, little children would walk up and ask to pet our four dogs.  They always found her quickly, and she found them.

She was the living embodiment of happiness, the Harpo Marx of dogs.   When she rolled over and showed me her tummy for me to rub it, her face said in the most irresistible way, “Come on.  You know you want to.”  When I complied and rubbed her tummy, her eyes would half-close in a look of total contentment.  When she was outside, her eyes would light up with sheer joy and she would romp with complete abandon--through snow banks, in the tall grass, and in the streams at Prince William Forest Park.  If there was a stone wall to walk on, or a heavy tree branch or a bench to sit on, she looked thrilled to be picked up and put there.  She was always ready for an adventure.

Flo was either all-in, no matter what we were doing, or she was asleep.

She’s with Baxter now on the Rainbow Bridge.

We miss her.

--John, Father to BREW Beagles Baxter (deceased), Flo (deceased), Lola, Tris, and Faneuil

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  1. We are so sorry for your loss of Miss Flo. Sure sounds like she had a wonderful life with you and your other BREW beagles. Such a difficult time for you, know many prayers being sent to you. She is now happy and pain free having fun with all of her beagle friends now on the other side of Rainbow Bridge..

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. You were so good to her. Thank you for loving her and your other BREW beagles.

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