A Poem for Scully

Published: April 16, 2011


Dogs are such amazing things
But few can cause your heart to sing!
Scully is our new found friend
Beagle Rescue chose her to send.
We are very truly blessed
As she is certainly the best!

Her name we chose not to change
So much of her life had been re-arranged
She's sweet and loving and such fun
All of our hearts she has won!
Plays well with others is her creed
My girls adore her Yes indeed!

She barks, she snores, she hogs the sheets
But oh so cuddly and so sweet!
No she's not perfect, but who is
And all's forgotten with a kiss!
Scully is now our other child
She makes us all wear a smile!

A great big thanks! That's for sure!
LOVE is the only word for her!!

Written by Julie Brugh

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