A Letter From Chloe

Published: April 16, 2011

To my foster family:
Whew! What a week! So many new faces and things to explore. I love it here. You would be so happy to see how much fun I have throughout my day. First, I wake up to go outside and have a good morning wander and sniff around this great big yard. it's so big that Rosie, (that's my little friend) and I feel like we are running for miles and miles. Afterwards, we have a wonderful breakfast. I have finally taught Rosie to keep her nose out of my bowl. I mean, we are great friends, but fair is fair and a girl has to eat, right? Then the kids come to play with us before school. It's a really good game of hide and seek. The kids hide and Rosie and I search behind the shed, around the trees and under the deck for them. Then I find myself a nice sunny spot and Laura is kind enough to give me a good belly rub. Man, does that feel nice! Next it's off to carpool. It's only a short distance but a great change of scenery for me and besides; the teachers who greet the kids really need a cuddle to start their day. Truthfully, by this time, I am ready to go back home for a snooze. Upon our return home, I can't seem to snooze because it's so beautiful outside that I just have to go out and play some more. You know, Rosie is a puppy still so I have to teach her the ropes and exercise her a bit to keep her healthy. She's a great pup. We share beds even though there are plenty to choose from. Everywhere in the house there are doggie beds of all shapes and sizes and lots of sunny spots. Our favorite spot is by the front door. It's so sunny and a big enough area for both of us to lay there and watch what is going on outside. Kids come by all the time in the neighborhood to walk us and play with us. They're swell. I'm not fearful any more about meeting people cause my family really looks after me and I trust them. In fact, on Friday, we went to recess at the school to meet Kevin and Laura's teachers and friends and we loved it so much we're going to play at recess with the children every Friday. They all wanted to meet us because Kevin and Laura have been writing about us in their journals at school. There is one little girl who is in a wheelchair. She wanted so much to pet me so I got up on her lap and just laid there for a little while. It really made her happy and I enjoyed the cuddle too. It's good therapy for both of us and it is nice to feel appreciated and needed.

After school, the kids come home and give me a much needed snack because of course, everyone is outside and there is so much going on that I need energy. Actually, the mailman brings me and Rosie a biscuit every day too. His name is Jerry and he loves us. He told us that he use to take Lacey (that's the Sargent's dog that just died) on the mail truck to ride around the neighborhood sometimes. He said when I get more familiar with him and if I am a good girl, I can have a ride too. You know I'm a very good girl, so I am looking forward to that adventure. Oh, did I tell you that there is another Beagle who lives up the road. Her name is Keates. We visit her every day and sometimes she even comes over for a play date. She's little, spunky and oh so sweet!

My favorite part of my day though is after dinner when my new family puts a fire in the fireplace. I just loooooove to lie by the fire. Because it is so nice and cozy I can always interest somebody in stroking me. Later in the evening after the kids go to bed, Rosie and I get up onto Mom & Dad's lap for a nice long cuddle. I think they need the cuddle more than us but you know, it's just part of the job of the family pet. I'm really not too sure who needs who more!

When it's time to retire it's off to our bedroom upstairs with Mom and Dad. We love it up there. We feel so secure to see them sleeping right next to us and when the alarm goes off in the morning, Rosie and I are allowed to get in bed with everyone for a morning hello and cuddle. It's a lot of people cuddling but a big bed and fun for all of us.

The weekends are really special because my new dad is home all day. He's been taking me on late night walks without Rosie because in the beginning I was afraid of him and Kevin and he wanted to make sure that I understood that he was going to take care of me and love me. I feel safe with him now and I am happy to see him when he comes home. At the moment, he is busy installing a new invisible fence and as soon as I get permission to be adopted, he and mom are going to train me so I don't get lost or hurt by running loose. It will be nice to have the run of the front and back yard. That way, I won't miss anything that is happening.

You should see the sunroom. It's very comfy and great to lay in when the weather is too hot or too cold. That way, I can be outside and get fresh air in total comfort. On really nice days, I love to lay on the deck. It will be fun to watch the kids in the pool. These kids are really special. Did you know that they are paying for my adoption and my new collar for the fence? It's practically all their savings and they don't mind a bit.

You know, I really miss you guys and I am so grateful that you took care of me because it was you who brought me to the attention of this family. I know I would be happy with you but this family really needs and loves me and I think if it is OK with you, I would like to stay with them. I don't know how they would survive without me, being the special girl I am. I promise I will write and send photos and hope you will fill my spot in your family to another Beagle in need of adoption. Us Beagles need people like you and the Brew family or most of us wouldn't be very happy and in some cases suffer an awful fate. Thanks so much for helping us.

Well, gotta go. There are kids to play with and lots of romping around to do! See ya!

by Nancy Sargent

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