A Happy Penny

Published: April 16, 2011

Our daughter wanted a dog so much and as an only child, we felt it would be good for her to have a constant and enduring friend.

No one knew anything about Brenda who our daughter Kelsey renamed Penny. She was found wondering in Central Virginia infested with fleas and worms. BREW cleaned her up and spayed her for us. We brought Penny home a year ago, she was very shy and fearful, no one knows how long she was on her own or how she may have been treated. She is a small girl, only 13" and 22lbs and soooo cute, light brown almost auburn color hair like our daughter, many people say they look alike. We had to teach her how to relax and play. At first she would only hide under beds and chairs, the slightest noise would send her trembling or running. Today Penny is so happy and friendly.

She plays with the kids and follows Kelsey everywhere; she's learned several tricks easily as she will do anything for a treat. Because she is so small, people think she is a puppy, she loves to be called puppy. Her tail wags so hard we have called it a lethal weapon! Her beagle bay sounds like burrr and we all love to sing along to hear it. She is always excited to see us no matter how long we are gone. She loves her long walks with Dad so much that she watches to see when ever he goes near the front door. She is a very happy healthy dog, very content at her spot atop the stairs overlooking the busiest part of the house. She sleeps very soundly these days, no more sudden leaps from a fright in the night, or from people who want.gifsord)and pet her. She is very happy and she has made our lives brighter. We will celebrate her third birthday soon with cake and ice cream and the neighborhood kids, she'll be so excited to open her presents.

Penny is very much loved and gives so much love; this is truly a happy ending for a little dog that may never have known safety and security.


Carrie Jandura



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