Chelsea’s Story

Published: April 16, 2011

Somehow I ended up in a shelter near Bel Air Maryland where folks were kind BUT the dogs...I had to fight for my food you see I am a tiny beagle (but please do not underestimate me!) only 16 pounds! One day a nice couple named Doug and Claudette came and “sprung” me from my cage and took me to their home. I thought I had it made, there where kids, a yard LOTS OF FOOD and well yes other beagles, but they were much nicer then the dogs in the shelter. So my job I thought was to look pitiful and shy so I would get all the attention. It worked and for the first time in a long time life was good.

Then one day I was PUT IN A CRATE (imagine shy little me) and Claudette, Amber and I drove in the car for what seemed an eternity. No matter how much I howled and whined this time it did not work and I was so afraid that it was back to the shelter and to hard times.

Finally the car stopped, they lifted the crate out opened it and here were all these people looking at me, so I thought I’d better do the shy routine. A woman walked towards me picked me up we cuddled and I thought well that is not so bad. There was lots of commotion they put this blue halter on me (I had to get used to that and occasionally I slip and chew on it) and I was taken to this large yard full of strange noises, trees squirrels and birds. As I walked in I could sense that there was a beagle grave so I went over to sniff and pay my respects.

Claudette and Amber were getting a little sad and I knew something was up. Sure enough they said goodbye and left me as I whined and howled at the door. I was upset and sad and did not know what would happen to me next. Then the door opened and in walked this men and I just knew then things were going to be great, he was so calm and kind and I just loved his bald head. Come to find out his name is also Douglas.

I knew right from the start if I was to stay with Gloria and Douglas I had my work cut out for me. They were both still a little sad, their beagle Harriet had died a short time ago and from the ever lingering scent of her it is clear that she must have lived a long time. I can smell her everywhere, but that is Ok time will take care of that and thank God Harriet trained her humans well. Now I had to get to work to finish my job and cheer them up and let them know who is in charge.

The first week I was real quiet and shy, stayed closed to the house when outside and did not pull on my leash while out on walks. YOU SHOULD SEE ME NOW, I sleep on all the furniture, I burrow under the covers, I keep the yard free of squirrels and those pesty crows. I have figured out where the treats are and my humans are always smiling at my antics. I have trained Gloria to take me for a walk FIRST THING every morning, they both now know that going out doors in the rain is OUT. So you see I have done my job well, but I have to be very vigilant and make sure that things do not change, so occasionally I look real shy and sad and voila I am swooped up in some ones arm to be petted. Life is great - but a beagle’s job is never done.

Gloria and Douglas Thompson

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